How and on which surfaces do silwy coasters "stick" and how often are they reusable?

Probably the cleverest silwy invention - our smart NANO-METALL-PADS. silwy PADS adhere to almost all surfaces, can be removed without leaving any residue and can be washed off again and again - so they can be used permanently. Unbelievable but true.

Simply rinse the intelligent NANO COAT with clear water, allow to dry briefly and the adhesive strength of the silwy PADS is as good as new again.

  • silwy NANO-METALL-PADS adhere to almost any surface
  • they are residue-free removable, washable and reusable
  • perfectly tuned power ratio to the magnetic glasses
  • pleasant handling due to the flexible metal foil in the core
  • Anti-slip surface provides additional grip for the lenses
  • 2 years warranty - MADE IN GERMANY


Where is the magnet located and how does the silwy system work?

The magnets are perfectly and elegantly integrated in the bottom of our drinking cups as well as in the crystal glasses. It is visible. In addition, we see the magnet as an attractive design element in addition to its actual use.

The silwy principle is based on magnetism. The integrated magnet in the drinking cups and crystal glasses finds its opposite pole in various metallic silwy accessories. The strength of the magnetic force is always determined by the metallic accessory - thus by the solid metal core in the bar or even the metal foil in the mat or the NANO-METALL-PADS.


How strong is the adhesive force of the silwy magnetic glasses?

The holding force of the magnets in the drinking cups and crystal glasses is balanced in a pleasant force ratio to the metallic NANO-PAD. The lenses are fixed even at full speed - but can still be removed easily and with little effort.


Are the drinking cups stackable?

silwy drinking cups can theoretically be stacked to save space. However, this is not recommended, as otherwise unattractive stacking marks will appear in the plastic in the long run.


Are the lids included in the drinking cups?

With our latest silwy product - the silwy TRIPLE - the lid is already included in the set. This consists of 1 x drinking cup, 1 x NANO-METALL-PAD and 1 x lid.

The set of 2 and 6 drinking cups includes the magnetic drinking cups and silwy NANO-PADS. silwy lids can be ordered separately to match these items.

Is it possible to choose the colours in the set of 2 and set of 6?

Each set of 2 of our silwy magnetic drinking cups contains 2 magnetic drinking cups in the same colour and 2 NANO-PADS. There are 8 different silwy cup colours: classic, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, grey, orange. The same selection of cup colours is also available for the TRIPLES.

In the set of 6 Multicolour all drinking cups have a different colour: red, blue, green, yellow, purple and grey.


Are silwy magnetic crystal glasses and magnetic drinking cups suitable for the dishwasher?

We recommend to clean ALL silwy products only by hand due to the integrated magnet. The high temperatures in the dishwasher damage the magnets and can render silwy products unusable. Please rinse silwy magnetic drinking cups exclusively by hand.

Magnetic crystal glasses can be rinsed in ECO mode. This means that silwy magnetic crystal glasses can also be washed in gastro dishwashers.


Does the silwy metal bar hold up while driving?

Yes, the silwy metal rail holds due to the solid metal core also during the ride and the different glasses remain thus also in movement optimally and stylishly stowed. We always recommend attaching the supplied permanent adhesive PADS for safe installation.

Please do not attach the strip to an oiled surface.


Is it possible to cut the metallic anti-slip mat yourself and remove it again?

Yes, the flexible mat can easily be cut to any desired size with a household pair of scissors and, just like our NANO-PADS, can be removed without leaving any residue thanks to the intelligent gel layer.
Is the metallic anti-slip mat available in an individual format?
The mat is available in the specified size of 40 x 27 cm. It can be cut to any other size and combined with additional mats. For larger quantities, it can also be prefabricated ex works to the desired size.


How can I order silwy glasses?

All silwy products can be ordered comfortably in our shop with all common payment methods. They are also available on Amazon. But we are also very happy about every personal order, be it via e-mail or phone.


Where are silwy articles produced?

We produce exclusively in Germany with the highest quality and care.