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General information and concerns

Dimensions of the products

Above the writing "In stock / Delivery time" on the respective product page you will find all the exact dimensions.

I have not received a confirmation email for newsletter subscription

Please have a look in your spam folder. If the confirmation mail is not there either, we can enter you manually and send you the voucher code by mail. 

I have not received an invoice for my order

Here you can easily request your invoice again: https://silwy.de/rechnung

Problems entering a coupon code

Here are three tips that you should pay attention once again:  

  • Only one coupon code can be redeemed per order.
  • Please do not put spaces between the letters and numbers. 
  • Our voucher codes are always written together
Problems completing my order

Just call us at +49 8505 723870 or send us an email to info@silwy.de. We will be happy to help you.

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My package has still not arrived

You are welcome to use the service of DHL and track your shipment. Simply click on the link below, enter your shipment number from the confirmation email and find your package: https://www.dhl.de/sendungsverfolgung

Shipping costs and payment options offered

We have created a special overview for you. There you will find all relevant information.

Warranty and guarantee

We offer you two years warranty and guarantee on your products.

Delivery status of my order

Here's how to track your shipment: https://silwy.de/lieferstatus

All about magnetic glasses

Material of silwy® crystal glasses and porcelain cups

We source our crystal glasses and porcelain cups from the SCHOTT brand in ZWIESEL. The production is based on Tritan composite, which is considered one of the most resistant materials in terms of real glass.

The stem of my crystal glass is broken off

This happens in only extremely rare cases. Please feel free to contact us (info@silwy.de), because the reorder of a single replacement glass is possible. 

Glue residue in the form of drops on my crystal glass

You can try using a cutter knife to carefully scrape off the drops. Don't worry, the crystal glass won't get scratched! If it still doesn't work, please contact us.

My magnetic glass was damaged during transport

Of course we will send you a new glass in such cases. Contact us by mail (info@silwy.de) and please attach pictures of the defective glass. We will do the rest for you.

My plastic glasses longdrink have bulges inside

This is not a production defect. The bulges have the purpose of making the glasses stackable.

Can I stack my colorful drinking cups triple too?

No, we do not recommend this. Stacking can cause edges to appear on the cups.

Can I put my magnetic glasses in the dishwasher?

We recommend washing by hand, as the high temperature fluctuations damage the magnets.

All about accessories

What do I have to consider when attaching my metal strip?

You should follow the following steps:

The surface should be smooth and cleaned with spritus beforehand.
Peel off the 3M adhesive tape from the strip - press the strip firmly into the desired position.
Wait for about 30 minutes after applying the strip, then load it. 

Which item can I use to store my glasses upside down?

You absolutely need our metal strip for this. The metal-nano-gel-pads that are included in all of our glass sets are not suitable for this.

Does permanent wetness / humidity damage my pads?

Yes, as this can cause the metal-nano-gel pads to start rusting. We therefore do not recommend it.

Does heat harm my metal-nano-gel-pads?


Direkte (und dauerhafte) Sonneneinstrahlung ist für unsere Pads nicht empfehlenswert. Nach Möglichkeit sollten auch starke Temperaturschwankungen vermieden werden.
Unser Tipp: Nach Verwendung die Pads abziehen, an einer Klarsichtfolie anbringen und bis zum nächsten Gebrauch im Schrank verstauen.

Surfaces on which the metal-nano-gel-pads should not be applied

 tables should be avoided at all costs. Oiled and uneven surfaces are also not recommended. 

Surfaces to which metal-nano-gel-pads can be applied

All surfaces that are smooth / sealed / flat.

All about hooks & pins

I have the feeling the holding power of my pad is weakening

This "problem" can be solved quite easily:
Clean the pad under clear water and let it dry for 10 minutes. After that, the sticking power is restored and the pad is like new. 

What is the difference between the hooks and the pins?

We offer different hooks and pins for different areas of application. You can find the exact information about their adhesive force and areas of application on the respective product page.

Surfaces to which metal-nano-gel-pads can be applied

All surfaces that are smooth / sealed / flat.

I dropped my hook and broke it - and now?

Unfortunately, it is nothing new that magnets can break on impact. You are welcome to get supplies in the store. We also offer our hooks without a pad.  

Step by step instructions for correct attachment

First clean the surface with methylated spirits or other alcohol-based agents.
Once the surface is dry, first apply the pad and a few minutes later the hook / pin.
The full sticking power unfolds within 10 minutes.

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