Rattle-free travel with silwy®

No more rattling or falling tableware in your CamperVan. Our patented magnetic system makes traveling more relaxed and comfortable than ever. Not without reason we have over 250.000 satisfied customers worldwide and won the GERMAN INNOVATION AWARD.

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100 % space efficiency in the RV

Inspiration for your new silwy® equipment:
1. metal strip incl. 3M adhesive tape
2. magnetic glasses incl. metal-nano-gel-pads
3. magnetic tableware made of porcelain & plastic
4. metal mat can be cut to size
5. magnetic glasses for delicacies incl. metal strip
6. magnetic hook incl. metal-nano-gel-pad

Perfectly crafted magnets are integrated into the bottoms of our tableware collections. The magnetic tableware finds its metallic counterpart in flexible nano-gel-pads or other silwy® accessories. Nano-gel-pads guarantee a safe stand during the ride, and this although they are removable, washable and reusable. Another highlight is the upside-down stowage of the glasses. Everything stays in place during the ride.

Your advantages with silwy®

• High quality & stable magnetic glasses

• 100% space efficiency in your camper van

• Glasses made of crystal & high-tech plastic

• 100% Made in Germany

• Patented magnetic system

• Must-Have für caravaning

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Our silwy® metal-nano-gel pads

The metal-nano-gel-pads can be used flexibly and adhere to all sealed surfaces. As the name suggests, a thin metal foil is integrated into the nano-gel-pads, making the metal-nano-gel-pads the perfect counterpart for our magnetic glasses. The metal-nano-gel-pads are washable, removable and reusable as often as you like. We guarantee that your magnetic glasses will stand securely.

Great that the metal-nano-gel-pads are included in every set of glasses.

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Our silwy® metal-nano-gel-mat

The individually cut metal-nano-gel-mat meets all the requirements of every camping fan - with the silwy® metal-nano-gel-mat, storage in kitchen cabinets, shelves or racks is more comfortable and safer than ever. The metal-nano-gel-mat works on the same principle as our metal-nano-gel-pads, which means the mat is removable, washable and reusable.

Now say goodbye to the sound of rattling and clinking glasses.

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Our silwy® metal strip

Your storage space in the camper van is limited? Then store your magnetic glasses upside down or vertically on the wall with our metal strip. Apart from the fact that upside down hanging magnetic glasses are a real eye-catcher in every camper, the metal strip is the smartest storage system ever. Thanks to the massive magnetic core, the magnetic glasses hold perfectly while driving and make your vacation even more comfortable.

Please note that the metal strip is attached with the 3M adhesive tape PERMANENT and is NOT residue-free removable.

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Our power magnets, magnetic hooks & pins

The hooks & pins as well as the power magnets from silwy® can be used individually and flexibly. No matter if the shopping list or the hiking map - everything stays in place in the future. Thanks to the power magnets, you can now also upgrade already existing objects, such as plants or decorative items.
The included metal-nano-gel-pads also leave no adhesive residue or annoying holes in the wall. As you probably already know, our metal-nano-gel-pads are removable, washable and reusable.

It couldn't be easier!