silwy discovers the world

Relaxed travelling with silwy. Whether in the motorhome, camper, van or caravan – silwy provides a new stress-free feeling on holiday. Nothing is more annoying in your free time than puddles, stains, broken pieces or rattling noises. Colorful, shatterproof drinking cups or fine crystal glasses – there is certainly something to suit all tastes.

A real eye-catcher – clever at the same time

The long-awaited holiday is just around the corner, the last things are packed into the camper and you are faced with a well-known problem: the storage space is limited and the crockery has to be stored unbreakably. With silwy magnetic glasses, there is now a clever solution. On the non-slip nano metal gel pads your glass won't shake even on the roughest country road thanks to its integrated magnet.

With silwy, you can now store your glasses in a very practical and space-saving way. Upside down, vertically or horizontally – in addition to the actual benefit, this also looks SIMPLE ATTRACTIVE and always ensures THE HIGHLIGHT at the campsite. silwy also masters bumpy rides, curves and braking without any problems. Try it out and become a silwy fan.

Tip: the silwy metal strip with anti-slip coating for easy fixing of the magnetic glasses without annoying drilling or screwing.

silwy – this is how it works

Shatterproof drinking cups and the finest crystal glasses are refined with a perfectly integrated and encapsulated magnet. These magnets attract each other in exactly the right and perfectly coordinated power to the silwy METAL-NANO-PADS, the silwy metal strip or metal mat. These fix and stabilize the magnetic glasses and cups as if by magic. Pretty smart, isn't it?

Whether an economical road trip or luxury camping? No matter in which world you feel at home – silwy magnetic glasses are always a clever companion. So you kill three birds with one stone: no more glasses falling over, you can stow your dishes in a very space-saving way and all that looks extremely stylish.

SAFELY STOWED – relaxation on holiday

Being awarded the GERMAN INNOVATION AWARD, silwy is currently conquering the world of camping. With the stable silwy crystal glass collection, in the future you will be able to enjoy noble drops from the finest glasses Made in Bavaria. Practically stowed with the silwy metal mat, our glasses and drinking cups are stable and provide a relaxed, comfortable travel feeling. Convince yourself of THE innovative idea – MADE IN GERMANY.

The silwy metal mat can be cut to size with household scissors. Due to the special gel adhesive coating, it can be removed as often as required without leaving any residue.

silwy Metal-Nano-Pads for Magnetic Drinkware

silwy METAL-NANO-PADS adhere to nearly all surfaces. Due to the gel adhesive film – especially developed for silwy – they can be removed without leaving any residue, washed off and reused over and over again. The silwy METAL-NANO-PADS are included in every magnetic glass set.

The holding force is balanced in such a way that the magnetic glasses are well fixed even during winding journeys – but can still be removed easily. Become a silwy fan and convince yourself of our simply attractive invention. In keeping with the motto #silwyyourlife

Camping glasses with magnets facilitate the easy everyday camper life with style.

Camping glasses with magnets facilitate the easy everyday camper life with style.  Which camping glasses do you use in your camper? Probably plastic glasses, so that glass breakage is excluded from the outset. And how do you store our outdoor drinkware during the trip? Most likely in the cupboard, with a more or less efficient storage system against wobbling, sliding, and rattling. Then you'll be happy to know that we're about to introduce you to an extremely clever system that will keep camping glasses from wobbling, sliding, or even tipping over - whether you're at the campsite or on the road. Get to know our magnetic drinking glasses... and love them!


Buying camping glasses - here's what you need to look out for:

Outdoor drinkware that does not wobble, slip, or tip over exists? - Yes, but only with our attractive silwy principle. It is as clever and simple: We integrate a magnet into each of our camping glasses, which finds its counterpole through a metallic nano-gel pad. The magnet is firmly cast into the bottom of the camping jars and, therefore, cannot slip or even fall out. The Nano-Gel-Pad is designed to be attached almost anywhere with strong adhesive power and can nevertheless be easily removed again without leaving any residue. You clean it with clean water and then reuse it indefinitely. It does not lose its adhesive power. 


When the two - i.e., the drinking glass with the integrated magnet and the metallic nano-gel pad - meet, they are magically attracted to each other. Well, it's purely a principle of physics and not magic at all. The drinking glass with the integrated magnet and the metallic nano-gel pad are perfectly matched to each other. So when you remove the camping glasses from the Nano-Gel-Pad, you are sure not to spill anything. So much for the use of your new camping glasses .


This is how your camping glasses are stowed:

Now we come to the storage of your new camping glasses. This is also very easy and entirely rattle-free for all camping glasses - from wine glasses to water glasses. We have developed a nano-gel mat for your cupboard in the camper, which you can cut to the correct size. Attach it to your cabinet, and then simply place camping glass after camping glass neatly in a row next to each other. It looks good, doesn't it? Best of all, it will still look that way after your next winding road trip. Your camping glasses are guaranteed to stand wobble-, slip- and rattle-free. A wonderful feeling! Our tip: The Nano-Gel Mat or our Nano-Gel Coasters also work in any other place as a glass and cup holder for RV, for example, on your table or dashboard. Try it out!


Find the right camping glasses for you!

With the magnetic principle, it is now possible for you to have both plastic and crystal glasses in your camper without having to worry about glass or plastic breakage. You can now also get drinking glasses for different beverages, for example, camping wine glasses or beer glasses. This will make your vacation with the camper not only more relaxed but also a lot more stylish and tasteful. Because in the matching drinking glass, your drink looks good - and tastes even better. Let's briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of camping glasses made of plastic and camping glasses made of crystal glass. Then you can decide which material is suitable for you and which camping glasses you need.


Plastic camping glasses

For the silwy camping glasses made of plastic, the term "plastic glasses" is not appropriate. Why? They are made of very high-quality plastic and therefore have little in common with conventional plastic glasses. Here's how we describe it: Our plastic glasses have the "like glass" look, which certainly explains a lot. If you see them standing on the table, you will mistake them for drinking glasses made of crystal glass. How do we manage that? 


The plastic glasses are made of the finest, shatterproof, and scratch-resistant high-tech plastic. This makes them firstly almost indestructible and secondly also beautiful to look at. Our drinking cups, beer, wine, champagne, and long drink glasses, but of course, also our tumbler plastic glasses provide a stylish ambiance in your motorhome with a uniform, modern design. The advantage of plastic glasses: If you drop one, absolutely nothing happens—no shards, no risk of injury - at most a little spilled liquid. You can quickly wipe it up and move on.


Crystal Camping Glasses

Would you like to go one step further regarding camping glasses, i.e., complement the authentic glass look with the natural glass feel? No problem. Our clever silwy principle also works with crystal glass. So you can buy your complete camping glassware. From wine glass to beer glass, from champagne glass to long drink glass to whisky glass, no wishes remain unfulfilled. All crystal glass drinking glasses come from the Bavarian Forest, so they are of the highest quality, Made in Germany. The magnets complement them in a casting process specially developed for silwy. 


The magnets are thereby entirely integrated into the glass base to not slip or even fall out. The optical plus point with this practical benefit: The glass base acts as a three-dimensional eye-catcher due to the cast-in magnet, especially with our wine glass, but also with the drinking glass for long drinks. Our tip: The long drink camping glass is a real all-rounder that you can use for all kinds of drinks. Most of our customers use it for water or lemonade and soft drinks like Cola or Fanta. Thanks to its filling capacity of 400 milliliters, you can also use it ideally for mixed drinks like apple spritzer.


What camping glasses do you need?

So that your camping tableware is complete, you should have drinking glasses for different drinks in your cupboard. Of course, you do not have to be equipped for every cocktail, but camping wine glasses or camping beer glasses are already advantageous. Because from the right crystal or plastic glass, both wine and beer can be enjoyed just a bit more. Of course, you can also look in our store for a camping glasses set. 


As camper and boat professionals, we know what belongs to the respective essential equipment and have taken over the planning for you. With our sets, you can start your first silwy vacation relaxed - as you wish with the essential equipment, for example, the silwy camping starter set, or with the luxury version and the large silwy high-tech mega box. By the way, you can also surprise friendly campers on a visit with one of our gift boxes with beer, wine, or prosecco, including two matching camping glasses. Just have a look around!


The all-rounder among camping glasses

As a camping glass for all kinds of drinks, our long drink crystal glass or plastic drinking cup in different colors and a lid, use the two camping glasses as drinking glass for water, apple spritzer, cola, or other soft drinks. Or get creative and use our camping mugs plastic for small snacks, for example, cucumber or carrot sticks or other finger food that can be snacked away. In our silwy community on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even on YouTube, our numerous satisfied customers show you many more clever uses for camping glasses as well as various other silwy products. By the way: The silwy camping glasses are also perfect as glasses for on the road, for example, for a hike or a spontaneous bike ride on a camping vacation. Which camping glasses can you use in your camper? 


Our tip for an easy camper everyday life

Why not continue with the silwy principle beyond the camping glasses? For example, with your camping tableware or our camping mug for coffee and tea. In the future, you can also store your spices with our delicatessen magnetic jars on the metal bar, ready to hand and non-slip. In addition, you can make your camper suitable for everyday use with our hooks and pins. Through their clever use, you can save a lot of space and make your routine on camping vacations more relaxed. 


But they are also a natural relief at home. For example, you can organize your chaos of notes in the office, put your jackets in order on the coat rack, clearly sort your keys or even store all utensils on the wall in the kitchen. Then nothing will be lying around, and you'll always find exactly what you need right away. We are curious to see in which area silwy will be used in your home!