Welcome to the simply attractive world of silwy MAGNETIC DRINKWARE.
NEVER AGAIN FALLING, SLIPPING or RATTLING GLASSES. Thanks to the sophisticated magnet system, silwy keeps its promise. It offers completely new, highly space-saving and clever storage solutions at the same time.


Sun, sea and cool drinks. With silwy, your next trip on the high seas will be even more relaxed. Now you can enjoy your favorite drink from the finest crystal glasses. Moreover, there are completely new storage solutions with an eye-catching guarantee – no matter whether upside down, on the wall or on the ceiling:

You will love silwy. Promised!

Real crystal glasses and swell are usually not a good combination. But the silwy magnetic glasses withstand the strongest waves. On the non-slip nano metal gel pads, the beautifully integrated magnet prevents the glasses from shaking, even on lively boat trips. With silwy, you can enjoy your wine, beer or cocktail from the finest crystal glasses.

silwy – this is how it works

Shatterproof drinking cups and the finest crystal glasses are refined with a perfectly integrated and encapsulated magnet. These magnets attract each other in exactly the right and perfectly coordinated power to the silwy METAL-NANO-PADS, the silwy metal strip or metal mat. These fix and stabilize the magnetic glasses and cups as if by magic. Pretty smart, isn't it?

Of course, the metallic gel coasters can be removed easily and without leaving any residue, so that a spontaneous change of location is unproblematic. Even the surface on which you place them does not need to be completely smooth – rough rocks on a remote island are just as suitable as the wooden table on deck. That’s clever functionality, modern design and best quality Made in Germany.


Being awarded the GERMAN INNOVATION AWARD, silwy is currently conquering the world of boating and yachting. With the stable, brand-new silwy crystal glass collection, in the future you will be able to enjoy good wines from the finest glasses Made in Bavaria. Our shatterproof magnetic drinking cups with lids are the clever companions for all those who prefer to make use of plastic glasses in the highest quality. Convince yourself of THE innovative idea – MADE IN GERMANY.

silwy metal pads for magnetic drinkware

silwy METAL-NANO-PADS adhere to nearly all surfaces. Due to the gel adhesive film – especially developed for silwy – they can be removed without leaving any residue, washed off and reused over and over again. The silwy METAL-NANO-PADS are already included in the scope of delivery of every magnetic glass set. The adhesive force is balanced in such a way that the magnetic glasses are well fixed, even there is a heavy well – but can still be removed easily.

Become a silwy fan and convince yourself of our simply attractive invention. In keeping with the motto #silwyyourlife