Safe and stable, even in strong waves


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silwy loves waves
silwy loves waves

Real crystal glasses and swells are usually not a good combination. But the silwy magnetic glass cannot shake even the strongest wave. On the non-slip nano metal gel pads, the beautifully integrated magnet prevents the glass from shaking, even on lively boat trips. Promised.

With silwy you can now enjoy your wine, your beer or your cocktails made of the finest crystal glasses in a modern design.

Enjoy in style on the high seas
Enjoy in style on the high seas

A problem for every boat owner: How do I serve my guests their drinks safely and yet stylishly? The clear answer: with high‐quality magnetic crystal glasses from silwy. The magnet harmoniously integrated in the glass and the metallic gel coaster are ideally matched to each other. Simply attach the coaster to the desired place and place the glass on it… and nothing wobbles anymore. The glasses do not fall over even in strong waves and high speeds. Promised.

Of course, the metallic gel coasters can be easily removed without leaving any residue, so that a spontaneous change of location is no problem. Also the underground, on which you place these, does not have to be evenly ─ rough rocks on a remote island are just as suitable as the wooden table on deck. This is clever functionality, modern design and best quality Made in Germany.