silwy Magnetic Hooks and Magnetic Pins

Simply attractive and very smart. No more drilling, gluing or screwing. With the multi-flexible silwy Magnetic Pins and Magnetic Hooks, there are completely new possibilities to hang up posters, presentations, drawings, cards, notes, towels, kitchen aids and much more and to place them in different positions as often as you like.

THE clever solution

The silwy system works without residues, holes or other annoying surface damages. All these annoyances belong to the past. The Metal-Nano-Gel-Pads (included in the scope of delivery) adhere to almost all surfaces, can be removed without any residue, are washable and therefore reusable. silwy Pads never lose their adhesive power. Convince yourself of this simply attractive invention - Made in Germany.

· Pads can be removed without leaving any residue
· Stick to almost any surface
· Water cleaning
· Never lose their adhesive strength
· Flexible and mobile use
· No gluing and no residues

Never again annoying holes in the wall

Thanks to the specially developed, washable and therefore reusable Metal-Nano-Gel-Pads, to which the new Pins and Hooks are attached, you can now flexibly fix objects to almost any surface. Another big advantage of our new products is the easy and fast installation.

Never again adhesive residues

The perfectly integrated magnets in the silwy Hooks / Pins adhere to the metallic silwy Nano-Gel-Pads in exactly the right balance of power. The Hooks / Pins are fixed as if by magic without drilling, permanent gluing or screwing.

Simply and very smart

The round Gel-Pad can be attached to almost any surface. It is recommended to apply it on sealed surfaces. Simply peel off the protective foil, "stick it", attach the Hook and the solution is ready. Thanks to a special gel adhesive coating, silwy pads can be removed, washed off and reused as often as required without leaving any residue.

Magnetic Pins - attractively simple, without drilling

What a beautiful evening: The sun is just setting, the sea rushes up from the beach to your camper. You are enjoying the barbecue with your friends and breathing in the slightly salty air. Then it happens: one wrong hand movement and the cocktail glass falls off the table. Now you need to find a cloth quickly - how practical, if that would hang directly on the outside of the camper and so would always be handy during the barbecue. But wait! Exactly that is now possible - without drilling! With the silwy Magnetic Pins, you can attach hooks wherever you need them. Whether in the kitchen, on deck next to the steering wheel, or the body of the motorhome. In combination with the gel nano pads, you can attach the Magnetic Pins to any conceivable place. The Magnetic Pins keep their promise. And that is up to 0.4 kg or 20 sheets of paper. Convince yourself of the magnetic power and benefit from our innovative system. Whether camping, boating, or at home - with it, you cleverly facilitate your everyday life.

Magnetic Pins: a firm hold without drilling

At home in the bathroom, drilling into tiles is usually an absolute no-go. Even on the road in a boat or camper, drilling is rarely possible. The bodywork would be damaged and, if not adequately maintained, rust could quickly form through drilled holes. From now on, you can easily avoid this: with Magnetic Pins and hooks. We have often faced the problem of needing absolute hold where there was none. That's why we developed our MAGNETIC SYSTEM. This innovative technology allows you to attach a hook to almost any part of your boat or camper without drilling. These hooks and pins are not glued and, therefore, ultra-flexible. Just as you like to go spontaneously with the yacht to another port, you can change the position of the Magnetic Pins again and again. The magnet is attached to a metal nano-gel pad and sticks thanks to its attractive forces. The pads are reusable and adhere to many surfaces. Magnetic Pins and Nano-Gel-Pads are available in a practical set.

Magnetic bar with magnetic pins - power packs for your daily business

The Magnetic Pins are designed to suit you. They are always exactly what you need. In combination with our magnetic strips, you can turn the magnetic hooks into a coat rack or key rack in no time at all. Like the gel nano pads, the magnetic strips also have a magnetic surface to which the pins adhere optimally. Attach the strip to the desired surface using the adhesive layer. Now you can attach the hooks and pins to it and hang up your most important utensils. Do you like your camping kitchen well structured? Thanks to the practical solution for hanging up your kitchen utensils, you save space in the camper and prevent them from sliding around while driving. Nevertheless, they are always at hand.

Magnetic Pins are THE clever solution.

The silwy MAGNETIC SYSTEM works without residues, holes, or other annoying surface damage. Sometimes you only need a hook in place for a short time - after that, it can disappear again. If a hook is attached through a hole, the hole is an unsightly remnant. Even putty cannot completely putty the surface again. This does not happen with the metal nano-gel pads. They can be removed without leaving any residue, cleaned, and then be used again and again. A Magnetic Pin is an absolute powerhouse. It holds up to 0.4 kg and can thus carry towels, dew, light jackets, or the like.

As loyal companions, magnetic hooks come with you on every vacation, set sail, or accompany you in your everyday life. Be smart and use the multi-flexible hooks without drilling.

Your advantages at a glance:

- The pads can be removed without leaving any residue,

- They stick to almost all surfaces,

- Can be cleaned easily with clear water,

- Never lose their adhesive solid power and

- are flexible and mobile.

Your notes - fast, easy, and everywhere with the Magnet Pins

Have you developed an outstanding business idea and want to present it flexibly? Or are you still in the process of creating new plans and innovations? Sometimes a clear head also needs a structured environment, which you can create flexibly with the Magnetic Pins. Attach the Magnetic Pins to a wall or window using the gel nano pads - entirely without a magnetic board. With the Magnetic Pins, you can spread out all your ideas and attach them to your walls in a structured way. Do you have a quick thought in between that you want to capture? Some people have the best ideas while cooking. Write them down directly and fix them with the clever magnet on your refrigerator door. Is the open sea your place of inspiration? Then pack your magnet set and quickly hang up your smart pinboard on board. Magnetic Pins are also ideal for a spontaneous pitch. They can be easily removed and reattached anywhere. Convince not only with your ideas but also with your technology.

Magnetic hook camping - the all-rounder for your tour

The world is your home—new cultures, interesting culinary delights and always new people - and all this together with friends. Camping connects and is becoming more and more popular. With your motorhome, you can reach places that package holidaymakers in hotel castles can only dream of. It's the same with a boat: see the country from a different perspective and moor at lonely bays that can only be reached by water. This is a vacation as unique as you are.

If you are already an experienced boater or camper, you know that the accommodation of your belongings is significant. Even with a slight swell or a dirt road, there are always rattling noises, especially in the kitchen cabinets. With the Magnetic Pins, you now can be ahead of all other campers. Clinking glasses, flying utensils - all this no longer exists in your trailer. Because thanks to the magnetic pins, these things have their fixed place. There are towels, kitchen utensils, keys for the motorcycle, and the handbag: nothing is safe from the Magnet Pins. Attach the magnetic hooks to any coated surface. The pins also adhere reliably to the outside of the car body, even without a nano-gel pad. So you can turn your camper into a space-saving wonder not only on the inside but also on the outside.

By the way: You can be even more innovative. Because the hooks are not the only gadgets, we have developed for you with the MAGNETIC SYSTEM. Our glasses are your innovative accessory so that you no longer have to worry about rattling dishes while driving. Like the hooks, they adhere to nano-gel pads and neither get out of balance while moving the camper nor during a strong wave on deck. Order your set of Magnetic Pins, plastic glasses, and accessories now.