Power Magnets, Magnetic Hooks & Magnetic Pins

incl. Metal-nano-gel-pads

No more drilling, gluing or screwing. Whether in the camper, on the boat, at home or in the office - the silwy® hooks & pins and the power magnets are flexible and practical everyday helpers. You can use them to hang up objects of all kinds, skilfully set the scene and the best thing about it - everything stays in place.

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THE smart solution

The hooks and pin sets from silwy® create an attachment option for light objects weighing up to 4 kg in no time at all. Additionally, you can upgrade existing items with the power magnets and included adhesive pads.

Possible applications:
• posters & presentations in the office
• hiking maps on camping vacations
• posters & drawings in the children's room
• postcards & notes in the van / boat
• towels & accessories at home
• tea towels & kitchen accessories in the van
• plants, decorative items or dog bowls
• and much more

The metal-nano-gel-pads adhere to:
• various wood veneers
• sealed & painted surfaces
• glass surfaces, tiles & concrete
• ...

The silwy® wardrobe

Once you combine our magnetic hooks and pins with our metal strip, they can withstand up to 10kg of weight. Perfect to use this combination as a coat rack but also as a key board.

Please note that the metal strip is attached PERMANENTLY with the 3M adhesive tape and is NOT removable without residue.

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The correct attachment

Mounting is child's play.
• clean sealed surface
• remove the protective film
• press metal nano-gel pad firmly in place
• attach hook or pin
• ready is the simply clever solution