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No rattling and no falling over
No rattling and no falling over

The long‐awaited holiday is just around the corner, the last things are packed into the camper and already you are faced with a well‐known problem: the storage space is limited and the crockery has to be stored unbreakably.

With the silwy magnetic glasses there is now a clever solution. On the non‐slip nano metal gel pads your glass won’t shake even on the bumpiest country road thanks to its integrated magnet.

Camping made easy
Camping made easy

Economical road trip or luxury camping? No matter in which world you feel at home - silwy magnetic glasses are always a clever companion. Simply exchange your self‐made cupboard inserts for our metal strip or our metallic anti‐slip mat and your holiday can begin. Because on it the robust plastic drinking cups or the high‐quality magnet crystal glasses cling absolutely surely.

So you kill three birds with one stone: no more glass falls over, you can store your crockery in a very space‐saving way and the whole thing also looks extremely stylish.